Have Fun with Plants!

Living Wall Planter 2 is not just more affordable, it is better in every way. Easier to use, higher performance, more adaptable, sexier and greener. Now vertical gardening is within reach of every gardener from brown thumbs to green, from beginners to professionals. So, be inspired and have more fun with plants! Watch the Film














Simple to Hang

Mount hook to wall or fence and hang planter up.
Vertical gardening has never been simpler.


Easy to Hold

A rounded compact shape makes Living Wall Planter 2 easier to hold, lift and hang. It is also easier on the eyes and more graceful on the wall.



Self Watering

Simply fill Living Wall Planter 2’s integrated watering well with approximately one liter of water and keep plants watered for up to two weeks (depending on climate and species). LWP2’s basin functions as a water-conserving reservoir that allows roots to drink from the bottom while breathing through the sides.



Stronger, Healthier Roots

Living Wall Planter 2 is vented front and back,
allowing roots to breathe, increasing evaporation,
and minimizing overwatering.

Indoors & Out

Living Wall Planter 2 works beautifully
indoors and out. Because the sides breathe,
the bottom does not need drainage, which
means floors and walls stay dry indoors.

Professional Living Walls

Living Wall Planter 2 isn’t only great for beginners,
it’s the best choice for professionals.

Professional features include: advanced automatic irrigation options,
sturdy, extreme-weather HDPE2 shell, off site planting options,
and quick, no-hassle plant swapping.

All Kind of Plants

Just about any kind of plant can thrive in LWP2, especially plants
that typically grow in containers like native perennials, flowering annuals,
succulents, tropical house plants, organic herbs and other edibles.

Stand Up

Why should your walls have all the fun? Living Wall Planter 2 looks and works beautifully tabletop and countertop. So, bring kitchen herbs out to the picnic or garden flowers indoors for the party.

LWP2 stands up, so vertical gardeners can now efficiently plant on a horizontal surface, like a
potting bench or the ground. No more messy,
awkward planting on ladders.

Professionals can plant off-site and then bring
their pre-planted LWP2s to hang, cutting their
on-site installation time in half.


Make Shapes

Plants aren’t rectangular; so, why should living walls be? LWP2’s rounded shape looks great
in both a regular grid and also an offset grid pattern.
This means living walls can be organically shaped forms and circles.

Improved Modularity

LWP2 can be used densely on a 10” high by 12” wide grid, which means the densest,
lushest planting from the get-go. It can also be used on more generous 12” by 12” grid for
greater coverage and lower cost per square foot.

Automatic Drip Irrigation

We highly recommend our automatic drip irrigation option
in hotter spring climates where watering can not be done predictably on a daily basis.
Our simple snap together system connects